Hello, we are Mike & Katy

We are Mike and Katy, and we are deeply grateful that you’ve taken the time to learn about us. Even though our paths haven’t crossed yet, we want you to know that we hold immense admiration and respect for the strength and love you’re demonstrating by considering adoption for your baby or child.
We want to assure you that if you choose us, your baby will be enveloped in an environment of unconditional love and cherished deeply, every single day. We promise to provide a nurturing home, filled with laughter, learning, and endless support.
We are open to and would warmly welcome any level of contact you’re comfortable with, fostering a relationship that respects your wishes and keeps you connected with your child or not?
Thank you for considering us in your journey. We look forward to the possibility of meeting you and embarking on this journey together.

About US

Our story begins with a chance encounter that blossomed into a beautiful story

Our story begins with a chance encounter that blossomed into a beautiful love story. Katy, originally from Peru, was visiting her sister when circumstances led her to extend her stay. It was during this time that our paths crossed, and we began dating amidst the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we navigated the challenges of the pandemic together, our bond deepened, and we fell in love.

Our shared love for culinary adventures and travel has been a cornerstone of our relationship. We relish the opportunity to try new cuisines and have explored numerous gastronomic delights together. Our mutual passion for travel has led us on many memorable journeys across the southeast, each trip enriching our lives with unique experiences and memories.

Cooking is another shared passion that brings us closer. While I am the primary cook, Katy is always by my side, assisting and learning. These shared moments in the kitchen are some of our most cherished times, filled with laughter, love, and the aroma of delicious food.

While neither of us has children, we have both spent considerable time around them and understand the joy and fulfillment they bring. We yearn for a child of our own, a dream that has been a constant in our lives. Despite Katy’s health challenges early in our marriage, our resolve to build a family has remained unshaken. These trials have only strengthened our bond and deepened our desire to share our love with a child.

We are excited about the future and the prospect of welcoming a child into our lives. We believe that every child deserves a loving home, and we hope to provide that home for a child who needs it. We look forward to the journey of parenthood and the joy and love that a child will bring into our lives.

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